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Royal Bank Of Ghana

What an adventure this project was for the Stencil-Tech team, and a challenging one at that. The project consisted of a 2,000 M2 area on top of a suspended multi story carpark, with an asphalt layer on the surface which was highly prone to leaking in the rainy season.

Benefits of decorative concrete include:

1 :Cost-Effective

2 :Minimal disruption during installation

3 :Non-slip

4 :Weed-free

5 :Sealed surface

6 :Stain Resistant

7 :Aesthetically pleasing

When first approached by the M.D of The Royal Bank Of Ghana we knew we had the ideal product for the situation. The following method convinced our client the spray on system would be perfect for the job in hand.

  • Speed of Installation
  • Installation not affected by high temperatures in hot climates
  • Non slip, and ultra hard, wear surface
  • Low maintenance
  • Oil resistant and waterproof
  • Low cost compared with any other form of coating
  • Wide range of patterns and colours
    Not only was the project completed within 8 days, the visual effect of the system was outstanding, and proved it had completely waterproofed the suspended floor. This project truly showed the versatility and beauty of our product, and 5 years on is still looking as good as the day it was finished.

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