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Wurzels Garden Centre

What a fantastic project this was the Stencil-Tech team. We were approached by the managing director of Wurzel’s Garden Centre of Wisbech.

Benefits of decorative concrete include:

1 :Cost-Effective

2 :Minimal disruption during installation

3 :Non-slip

4 :Weed-free

5 :Sealed surface

6 :Stain Resistant

7 :Aesthetically pleasing

He wanted us to create the effect of an old rustic cobbled street to help achieve the look of an old market town centre.

Not only was the visual effect important, the surface also needed to be non-slip, easy to maintain and the decorative finish had to be created using the existing concrete surface. Our spray-on system was the jdeal solution and after 2 short days, the shop was ready for their second fit.

This project really revealed the potential our products have to create hard wearing and custom effects to suite many commercial projects from theme parks to interior floors.

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