Crystalseal Refurbs

‘Revitalise Your Old Driveway or Patio’

CRYSTALSEAL® Refurbishments

Our Universal Sealer and CRYSTALSEAL® products are manufactured at our factory in Cambridge, using the most advanced formulations to give you and your customer a product that will not disappoint.

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Our CRYSTALSEAL® product is a neutral PH Crystaline granule that is applied to joints of block paving. Once combined with our driveway sealer the joints are welded shut, stopping weeds from penetrating the surface…


Fed up with your Block Paving?
Moving and sinking?
Needing constant maintenance?


Once the area has been jet washed clean of any weeds, mould or residue the area must be allowed to completely dry. When dry, apply the Crystaline granules to the surface,brushing in to the joints; Make sure all granules are thoroughly brushed in, leaving no excess exposed to the surface.

Once the area is completely dry and free of surface contamination, apply our Universal Driveway Sealer in two stages. Allow at least 1 hour between applying coats of Sealer to let the first layer completely penetrate the block paving surface and crystaline granules; A second coat will harden and rejuvenate the block paving surface and protect from all stains and mould.

Sealing The Surface

Revitalising you old block paving or natural stone back to its former glory

There is a simple solution, our CRYSTAL SEAL™ system quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, re-vitalises your old weed infested block paving, returning it to its former glory as if it was a newly laid driveway. The glass crystals are bound in place between the blocks giving a tightly resined surface joint which algae and weeds cannot survive in – tested and approved. Our products are formulated using only the finest ingredients, to outperform all other paving sealers.

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