Spray-On Patios

‘Effective & Vibrant Overlay System’

Spray-on Patios by Stencil-Tech

Our Spray-On application is an effective overlay system that creates a low cost, low maintenance product with minimal disruption for your customers. The Spray-On system can revive worn concrete slabs or tarmac areas and give it the beautiful effect of a new decorative concrete surface- which is non-slip and highly durable. This means it is the ideal application for driveways, pathways and all other commercial areas.

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Do you have a PRE-EXISTING hard standing driveway?
Looking tired or worn?

Don’t Remove it,
Improve it!

If you have either a concrete, Tarmac, block paving or slabbed surface, our Stencil-Tech overlay system can quickly transform and cost effectively transform your driveway from old and tired to new and desirable.

Other benefits include:
  • Oil stain resistant
  • Weed and moss free
  • Fast and efficient Installation
  • Unrivalled durability
  • Low cost
  • Eco friendly
  • Non Slip surface
  • No sinking
  • Non Invasive
Making our system the UK’s number one premium choice overlay product for the last 25 years.

Colour Hardener

Our Colour Surface Hardener comes highly recommended and respected in the stencil concrete industry.

To enhance our overlay systems, our Colour Hardener products are mixed with the highest cement content to create a high strength overlay system that will withstand high traffic areas and sub 0 temperatures. Specialist blends of Quartz and Iron Stone means our product complies with all CERAM and British standard certifications; this means that our Colour is able to take 1.5 million passes with a car.

Coming in 22 vibrant colours, your options for design are endless.

Equipment & Finishes

The Spray-On process is a spray applied finish using a compressor and hopper gun to create a highly abrasive, natural non-slip finish.

Stencil-Tech Activator

Stencil-Tech activator is a polymer modifier which is used to create a bond between our Colour Surface Hardener and the strength of our dry shake powder, and once mixed our Colour Hardener will withstand frost and salt damage..

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